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Haimanti Mondal, our student of B. Pharm, qualified NIPER in 2015.

Kalidas Acharya of B. Pharm. 3rd year has successfully registered for an Indian Patent on his invention "Automatic Saline Controlling Device" (Patent Reg No. 651/KOL/2015).

Ratnala Vamsi of B. Pharm. 3rd year, bagged the first position in UG Poster Presentation in SPIRIT - 2015, conducted by IIT-BHU.

Ratnala Vamsi and Rishi Raj of B. Pharm 3rd year, won the third prize in Business Event in SPIRIT - 2015, conducted by IIT-BHU.

Students of B Pharm have participated in all India essay writing competition jointly organized by United Nation Informatics Centre India and Bhutan, and Ramkrishna Vidya Mission and have won prizes:
o Dipan Roy claimed the 3rd position in national level
o Debiparna Biswas got 1st position in zonal level.
o Arpita Mishra, Ankit Saha and Trisita Sen have also been awarded.

Souvik Chattopadhyay and Sayan Chatterjee of B. Pharm 3rd year qualified for Semi-final round of National Level Pharma Quiz 2016 organized by Alembic Pharma Ltd. in association with GETZ Pharma Research, Mumbai at Smt. Kishoritai Bhoyar College of Pharmacy, Kamptee, Nagpur.

The institute received a research grant of Rs. 18 lacs from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) under Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The institute also received a grant of Rs 8.8 lacs under Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Scheme (MODROBS). The Chief Coordinator of the project was Prof. (Dr.) S. Chakraborty.

Piyush Agarwal, student of B.Pharm 2013-14 batch qualified NIPER with an all India rank 8th.

Students of B. Pharm 2nd year and 4th year have participated in SPIRIT 2015, an annual all India student's conclave and a national seminar organised by the Pharmaceutical Society of IIT (BHU) Varanasi and have won prizes in different events.
Literary events:
Nabarun Mukherjee (3rd in written quiz); Dipan Roy, Nabarun Mukherjee, Sayan Chatterjee (2nd in group quiz);Dipan Roy (3rd in Debate)
Scientific events:
Ratnala Vamsi, Priyanka Bose (1st in poster presentation)
Business Events:
Ratnala Vamsi, Rishi Singh, Ravi Kr. Singh (3rd in Business plan) Rishi Raj of 2nd year B. Pharm won the 2nd position in the essay competition at national level conducted by NIT Arunachal Pradesh as a part of the National Technology day celebration

Dr Partha Palit is awarded with the Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme and Research Grant and has been sanctioned Rs. 18 lacs in the project proposal entitled "Screening and Pharmacological Evaluation of Medicinal plants against Asthma and Arthritis" from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) under Department of Science and Technology.

Some of our B. Pharm Students, Debayan Das (1st year), Priyanka Bose (2nd year), Piyush Agarwal (3rd year) and Haimanti Mandal (3rd year), are selected for the award of Rs. 5,000/- each, as the “IPA Bengal Pharma and Healthcare Trust Scholarship 2012-2013”

Mr. Selim Mondal, ex-M Pharm student has won the 1st Runner up position in the subject Quality Assurance in “R. V. Patel Best M Pharm Thesis Competition 2012-2013” for his M Pharm thesis “Exploring the Protective Effect of Diverse Class of Antioxidants on Docetaxes included Lipid Peroxidation: An Experimental & theoretical Approach” under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Supratim Ray.

As winner Mr. Selim Mondal was awarded Rs. 31,000/- by the Trust and as a supervisor Dr. Supratim Ray was awarded Rs 25,000/-. The competition was jointly organized by L. M. College of Pharmacy and Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited.

UGC Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority students for the year 2012-2013 was awarded to Sri Meheboor Reheman (B. Pharm, M. Tech, CU). Sri Reheman will work with this fellowship as JRF for his PhD thesis under the joint guidance of our faculty Prof. (Dr.) S. Chakraborty and Prof. (Dr.) Pintu De at Dr. B. C. Roy College of Pharmacy and AHS. His thesis title is “Formulation and Evaluation of New Suspensions: A Potent vehicle for Drug Delivery of BCS Class II Drug Candidate”

Tanushree Karmakar and Rajanya Roy of 1st year B. Pharm qualified as winners in the debate competition at Undergraduate level in connection with the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Swami Vivekananda and have been selected as participants for Vivek Jatra to be conducted by Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Govt of West Bengal.

Lalit Kishore Mukhopadhyay qualified as the winner of both Priliminary and State Round of IPA National Elocution Competition 2012 (NEC 2012) and has been selected for the semi-final round at Hyderabad.

Sri Partha Sakha Ghosh, a 3rd year student has been selected for the award of Rs. 10,000/- as the “IPA Bengal Pharma and Healthcare Trust Scholarship 2010-2011”

Sri Ashis Nandy, 4th year student has secured 20th position in the Pharmacy Talent Search Exam (PTSE), 2011 and qualified for the award of scholarship.